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    • Thanks, Mimi 🙂 No, it isn’t a variety of potato. It’s the term used to describe the traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale. You could use any variety of potato you prefer but I really like it with red-skinned potatoes.

      • Love the dish!😋 ☘️ More importantly, found the perfect Irish side dish for St Pats Parade!🍀 It was a O’ so delish! Thank you!😊

    • Hi Julianne. A big YES to the make-ahead idea. I’ve reheated these potatoes with great success. If you feel they’ve thickened too much, just stir in a touch more milk before you reheat them in the microwave. I didn’t even need to add any milk and they were wonderful.

  1. Hi Valerie, These look divine! I know you’ve had a couple of questions about reheating these and I was wondering if you made them with the bacon and everything on them and THEN reheated it. I wanted to make them on the weekend and then store in the fridge to take to work on Monday, Do they reheat well from being fridge-cold? How long did you reheat them for in the microwave? Thanks!

    • Hi Anne. I reheated our leftovers so the dish was completely assembled. If I was making them in advance, I’d most likely garnish them with bacon and green onion after reheating. I can’t recall exactly how long I let them go in the microwave but just set it for a minute or two, give them a stir, and go from there.

  2. Made this to accompany corned beef for our St. Patty’s day dinner. Absolutely delicious side dish. I added a little bit of apple cider vinegar for some extra zing. Loved this and will definitely make it again!

  3. I love the music in the video – would you mind sharing what it is? Thank you and I’m going to try this recipe today. 🙂

  4. Made this last weekend with my Mom. We absolutely loved it! One thing to note, do not over cook the cabbage. Keeping a little crunch is a nice foil to the creamy/chunky potatoes. This is going to be a regular side dish for our family from now on.
    Re-heats well IF there are left overs.

  5. Made it for St. Patrick’s Day and everyone loved it. I made patties out of the leftovers (not too much left!), and fried them with leftover corned beef slices and eggs for breakfast the next day. Yumm.

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