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Memorial Day Weekend

I’m hitting publish on this post from one of the most beautiful areas of California, if not the world, Sonoma County. I’m here on blog business and I’ll be telling you all about it very soon, but first I wanted to share our busy and very memorable Memorial Day Weekend.

Adam (Boy #4) arrived home from college late Friday night to spend the long weekend at home and attend his brother’s college graduation ceremony. Oh, the joy, when your child comes home from college. You adjust to them being gone, and then they walk in that door and….oh, happy day!

Jake's Graduation

Jake (Boy #2) graduated with a BFA in Animation/Illustration from San Jose State University on Saturday morning.


Being Jake’s parents has been an easy job. Since he was a very small child he has always been kind, intelligent, talented, compassionate, and caring. His natural concern for others was evident in the way that he always looked out for his little brothers. I was pretty happy about the fact that San Jose State has a really strong Animation/Illustration program that was the perfect fit which meant he stayed local for the length of his college studies. I’m also thrilled with the fact that he has amazing Photoshop skills and the patience to help me out from time to time.

With Jake’s graduation, we are officially the parents of two college grads. Feels good!   [Read More…]