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Crescent Roll Taco Squares

Taco seasoned meat sandwiched between layers of crescent roll dough and baked till golden brown. Put out a variety of taco toppings and let everyone customize it to their liking. A fun recipe that appeals to both kids and adults, alike.


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Ever. It’s the official kickoff to the holiday season and what a great way to start things off. Costumes, parties, spooky decorations, all things pumpkin, and lots of candy. There are no gifts to buy and no big, elaborate meals to cook. It’s a time for fun family traditions and fun food.

Boys on Halloween-20141028

Here are my guys at the pumpkin patch quite a few years ago. One trait we all seem to share in this family is that we never grow out of all of the festivities surrounding the holidays. There’s no such thing in this house as being too old for Halloween or for the pumpkin patch for that matter. Everyone carves a pumpkin, not just the youngsters. If all of these guys were available and in town on the same day, we’d most likely have hit up that same pumpkin patch this year and I’d have snapped a very similar photo. They’re a bit taller these days but their heart is still in it. [Read More...]