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Snacking Granola Clusters

With a special baking method and a few helpful tips you can make your own granola at home that binds together into snackable little clusters. This granola is great snack choice for both kids and adults alike.  For a real treat, try serving it over yogurt with fresh berries and honey.

Snacking Granola Clusters

I’m writing this post from the road, literally. We just packed up Boy #4 and his belongings and after a quick, hearty breakfast, jumped on the freeway to head to Santa Barbara. Paul is at the helm  and I’ve got my computer on my lap, type, type, typin’ away. It’s time for Adam to head back, get settled into his off-campus pad and gear up  for the 2nd summer session of classes (right after some big concert that is taking place in LA this weekend…aaahh to be 20!) From there he’ll head directly into the new school year and in all likelihood, we won’t get him back until Thanksgiving.

It also just happens to be our anniversary so we are extending the trip by a couple of days to head down to Ojai for some rest and relaxation. It’s our 31st, which seems completely impossible to me. It’s funny how mature and independent we felt when we took the plunge back in 1984, and we truly were independent, financially and otherwise. Things seemed to move a lot faster for young people back then. I can’t imagine today’s kids moving into adult life as quickly as we did. But, we were crazy in love and it’s only grown from there. I wouldn’t trade the history we share for anything in this world.

Okay, enough romantic, nostalgic ramblings. Let’s talk about this cool method for baking cluster granola.

Snacking Granola Clusters

I love making my own granola and the people in my house consume it with wild abandon whenever I get the urge to bake a batch. I usually go with my Maple Honey Granola, but this time I wanted to create something a little different.

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