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Cherry Pie Bars

A tender crust topped with cherry pie filling and drizzled with a sweet, simple almond flavored glaze. These pretty bars are quick and easy to make and include ingredients you can easily keep stocked in your pantry.

Cherry Pie Bars

Less than a week after posting my recipe for Blueberry Pie, I’m back with these Cherry Pie Bars. I think there’s something going on with me in the pie department. I may need help.

I’m in love with this recipe for so many reasons. First, nearly all the ingredients are pantry staples in my kitchen which means I can whip them up at a moment’s notice. Second, they are easy as can be to make. Third, they are oh, so pretty. And, fourth, and most importantly – they are SO good!

Cherry Pie Bars

Look at that glorious river of glaze!

Because they call for canned cherry pie filling, you can make these at any old time of year that your little heart desires. They’ll be just as good at your 4th of July BBQ as they will be gracing your Christmas cookie trays. I love me a good dessert bar recipe and this one is a keeper.

So, let us move into the kitchen and bake some together!  [Read More…]