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Ball Canning NEW Heritage Collection Purple Jars Giveaway!

Ball Canning is back with the latest (and last!) addition to their series of Heritage Collection mason jars, and my friends…they’re purple!  I’m pretty excited about the color choice but I’m even more excited that they have generously offered to provide some of these beautiful, vintage-inspired jars to two lucky winners.

Ball Canning Heritage Collection Purple Jars #Giveaway!

I’ve had these beauties in my possession for about a week now and I’ve been gazing adoringly at them ever since they arrived at my doorstep. The color is a dark but translucent purple and has a very vintage feel.  It reminds me of the cellophane the Easter Bunny used to wrap my Easter baskets in waaayyy back in time.  It’s for that reason I decided to fill them with an assortment of Spring flowers and it is truly a match made in heaven.  They would be gorgeous as a table centerpiece any time of year but especially for backyard parties. They would also be a fabulous, inexpensive DIY table decoration for an outdoor wedding.

Ball Canning Heritage Collection Purple Jars #Giveaway!

These limited edition jars are the last in a 3 year series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of a special series of jars from the Ball brothers. [Read More…]