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Tips for Staying Fit with Your Dog and a Wellness® TruFood Giveaway!

I’ve enjoyed working with Wellness® over the past several months to help spread the word about their TruFood line of wholesome pet food and treats. Today I’m sharing some of my tips for staying fit with your dog and giving you the opportunity to try this great line of pet food.

Tips for Staying Fit with Your Dog

One of the most enjoyable ways to increase your workout regimen is to include your dog, or in my case, dogs. By just adding a couple of good hikes to our workout routine each week, we’ve kept Bruno and Bridget happy and healthy and I’ve seen an improvement in my overall fitness, including my weight. Walking is fabulous exercise. It’s free, you can do it pretty much anywhere, and it’s surprisingly effective for building fitness if you challenge yourself to increase your pace and distance over time. We’ve worked our way up gradually and our pups are now capable of going on walks up to 5 miles. It’s good for us, it’s good for them! But, there are lots of things to consider when working out with your dogs.

Handle the Heat

Some breeds tolerate heat and exercise better than others and speaking with your veterinarian is the best place to get information specific to your dog. Boston Terriers and other short-snouted breeds do not handle heat as well as dogs with longer snouts so their owners need to take special care when it’s warm outside. It’s still very important to exercise these dogs because becoming overweight can worsen issues common to the breed, but thoughtful, careful exercise is in order. This is why we opt for walks with our pups and do our runs on our own. Start slowly, build up your distance over time, and watch your dog closely for signs of fatigue. Try early morning or evening walks when the pavement and the temps are cooler and avoid exercise all together on very hot days.

Tips for Staying Fit with Your Pet
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